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Shaki (Finished)

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Shaki (Finished) Empty Shaki (Finished)

Post by Shaki aka The Phantom Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:13 pm

Name: Shaki

CodeName: The Phantom

Good/Bad or Neutral: Bad

Appearence: Avy (When i get it)

Bio: :Classified Information:

Power/weapons or abillities: The Power to control time and space.

How you became good/bad: Never liked the thought of being good, he always liked to see others in pain and loved to inflict it on others, but he will always look at things from a logical standpoint and if thinks don't interest him he wont do them, even if that involves him killing someone. Also if he isn't in the mood he will also stop other people from killing....hes not completely sane so most of his choices don't make sense.

Work in a team or alone: Alone, but in a team if needed.

Loctation of where you are or your base: He roams around.
Shaki aka The Phantom
Shaki aka The Phantom

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good/bad or neutral : Bad

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