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Kira (Rachel Azores)

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Kira (Rachel Azores) Empty Kira (Rachel Azores)

Post by Kira Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:13 am

Name: Rachel Azores

CodeName: Kira

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Origin: a small house on the edge of a national park in Sydney Australia

Affinity (Good/Neutral/Evil): Good but does have some issues dealing with her more basic animal instincts.

Appearance: Kira is rather on the short side with shoulder length, spiky blond hair and brown eyes. her powers have altered her otherwise normal human form. her teeth look normal but in reality they are as sharp as fangs. her nails are naturally black and are as hard as claws. Kira has to wear a pair of brown gloves to protect the world from the nails which are sharp enough to cut through steel with only a small amount of pressure. Kira usually wears a brown tan jacket with dark brown patches on her shoulders. the jacket had been her mothers before she died and is the only ting of her parents Kira has. Kira also wears a thin white T-Shirt or black V-neck under the jacket. she wears slightly baggy dark brown cargo pants and combat boots.

Bio: Kira has some odd quirks due to her upbringing. she is bouncy and energetic practically all the time. she is rather nocturnal at the moment due to jet lag from just flying over to America (aka i still live in Aust and am so not staying up all night to rp with you guys.) she needs to go for s run at least every two days or the cabin fever starts to set in and the other titans should probably stay clear if they want to keep their limbs. the wolf in her loves the raw meat, Kira prefers at least some brief exposure to a flame. they compromise with lots of rare steak. Kira tends to judge a person by how they smell. like most animals she can gain insights into a persons true nature from their scent. kind, brave and friendly people smell very different from evil doers.

Power/weapons or abillities: is able to transform partially or wholly into a wolf. in wolf form Kira is slightly bigger than a large cart horse, her senses are way heightened so that she can hear almost as well as a person who has the powers of sound manipulation, sees better than an eagle, smells better than a normal wolf, and is stronger and faster than any known animal. in her normal human form Kira has senses that are far stronger than a normal human, but not as powerful as her senses in wolf form. she also has reflexes much faster than a normal human and can communicate with animals in wolf form.

How you became good/bad: i am actually just finishing off a solo rp of this on another rping site so i'll edit it in later. suffice for now to say that it was complicated and Kira remembers nothing of it.

Work in a team or alone: she prefers to work in a team as she likes to be social. she is very effective working working alone though as well.

Loctation of where you are or your base: at the moment Kira is just leaving the air port. she'll be heading to wherever the most titan's are active on this site Razz

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Kira (Rachel Azores) Empty Re: Kira (Rachel Azores)

Post by Nightwing Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:23 pm

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