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Post by subject zer0 Fri May 11, 2012 9:45 pm

Name: vivaglove darsha

Codename: subject zer0

Good/Bad or Neutral: Neutral

Bio: vivaglove is almost completely unknown. He keeps his emotions concealed and he never really speaks to anyone unless spoken too. He would like to be a member of a team but others seem to have trouble trusting him because he is so mysterious. He only feels alone.

Power/weapons or abilities:

How you became good/bad:

vivaglove I kind of like Riddick or XXX. He has good intentions but bad methods and ways of handling things. He was an orphan after he turned one and he’s been living on his own ever since. He took his plunge into darkness after he was almost killed by his own brother 13 years later. It was then he was forced to kill his own brother. Vivaglove was broken ever since. He is still holding on to what hope he has left.

Work in a team or alone: both

Location of where you are or your base: unknown (could be right behind you?)

subject zer0

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