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[WIP] Kishin's power.

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[WIP] Kishin's power. Empty [WIP] Kishin's power.

Post by Kishin Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:25 pm

Name: Kishin

What it does: Kishin's power is in fact himself. The fact that he is made out of an uncountable number of thin, wires, which he can control the sharpness of, makes for some quite interesting possibilities. It works since every single one of the mystically enhanced, metallic wires, though connected to Kishin's core (gently cyan-glowing sphere 2 inches in diameter) and can thus be controlled, are considered to be a separate object. Certain powers expose the "core", and that is it's one weakness. So far, Kishin has managed to establish his power in four ways.

This is the first form that Kishin managed to accomplish, changing his own appearance. It can be done in two "speed settings. The first speed setting is by slowly changing. This takes place over a period of three posts and his form then slowly morphs into the desired form. This setting is the one he uses to take on the appearance of another person, provided he has a piece of their DNA, by creating a frame of wires that he layers with increasingly small wires, the outermost layers being coloured according Kishin's wishes. The second speed setting looks very different. Imagine a spinning crown of thorns revolving around the limb to be changed at high speeds, or in the case of a full-body transformation, the entirety of Kishin himself. This speed setting is too fast and violent to assume a "disguise" in, but it is effective for changing limbs into more combat effective variants. Using the second speed setting destroys the disguise on the area/limb affected by the change. Kishin can also not "Shift" into a form that is too large to fit within 20 meters of the "core" of himself.

What it looks like:

How long can you use it:

Does it drain energy:

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