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Kishin, a.k.a. "Arth Memph"

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Kishin, a.k.a. "Arth Memph" Empty Kishin, a.k.a. "Arth Memph"

Post by Kishin Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:37 pm

Name: "Arth Memph" is the name he uses in his original disguise, but he refers to himself as Kishin.

CodeName: Arth Memph, explained above.

Sex: Kishin remembers being male, but he can assume any form.

Age: Unknown, appears to be 20.

Origin: No one really knows how Kishin came to be, not even Kishin himself is completely sure, but he thinks it involved Buddhist monk robes, a sheep, mustard, some obscure demonic ritual, a cult, the cthulu mythos, and a lot of wires in no specific order or combination, all just lumped together. The first clear memory he has is actually walking away from a room filled with those objects, a mustard-smeared Necronimicon book, bloody Buddhist monk robes laying on the ground, and all living things in there dead. Sliced to pieces. Oh, and the wires were somehow making up his body, which didn't make much sense at first, but that was quite easy to fix, he simply molded himself to suit his own needs.

Affinity (Good/Neutral/Evil): Evil, but this guy does what he wants.

Appearance: Kishin is a being of many appearances, and tends to stand out quite a lot when he is not in disguise. His main form is that of a humanoid-shaped construct of wire, but he can change it according to his will (following the description in the power template). to make up his body, ha has wire twine together into cables to make the major parts and then layer them with increasingly thin layers of wire, eventually achieving an almost skin-like texture. If it helps, this form, imagine his muscles looks quite similar to the muscles on the nano-suits of the computer game Crysis, only with another layer of fine wores to make the muscles look smoother. He has a "core" so to say which is from where his vision, taste, smell, hearing, etc, is experienced. This "core" looks like a small sphere, about 2 inches in diameter, of faintly, gently, cyan-glowing metal. The core glows more when he uses his powers but it will not be visible unless the power in use dissolves his form. His original "disguise" is that of a 20 year old man, dressed in a decent, gray suit that fits very well over his lean, body, with a red tie over a white shirt. His musculature looks more like steel-cords than packs and blocks of muscle fibers. White leather shoes complete this outfit. Both the hair and eyes of that person are a dark, almost black, grey. A strange feature is that except for his hair and his well-trimmed eyebrows, Kishin's first disguise completely lacks body hair.

Bio: Formed through some mystical demonic ritual or another, Kishin immediately proceeded to slay his creators once they tried to command him to do their bidding. Kishin has since always been a free spirit, and possesses little to none of the moral rules that governs ordinary humans. If he can even be called human anymore, because he is pretty sure that he remembers being human, once. The experience of being human was not pleasant, that much he remembers, but as long as he can still enjoy the finer things in life, like food, fun, and good company, Kishin is satisfied. Oh, and if Kishin wants something, he will have it. One way or another.

Power/weapons or abillities: Himself

How you became good/bad: Kishin has never really cared for the moral rules, and always looking out for number one, he can be seen as a complete sociopath, but an intelligent one. To clarify, Kishin takes what he wants, and if someone were to stop him he would kill them, unless killing them would cause too much of a hassle.

Work in a team or alone: Alone, Kishin would eventually become too annoyed by a team-mate to care about the hassle that killing them would cause.

Loctation of where you are or your base: Currently strolling around town in his original disguise,


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